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Rebecca Pine supports individuals in the process of healing the emotional scars of trauma and loss. She shares practical, easy-to-apply tools that can lead to profound inner healing. Rebecca's FREE-ACT™ system offers a transformative approach to everyday hurdles, drawing upon the pillars of Feel, Regroup, Evaluate, and Empower before ACTion.

Rebecca is a writer, workshop facilitator, and international speaker, who has presented across the US and India. She is also the co-founder of The Breast and the Sea, a written and photographic project empowering breast cancer survivors. With a background as an herbalist and naturalist, she weaves her lifelong love of nature into every aspect of her work. Raised by a disabled and chronically ill mother, Rebecca experienced illness early on from the perspective of the caregiver. Diagnosed with breast cancer herself in 2009, Rebecca developed an intimate understanding about the losses related to cancer and beyond.

By cultivating creative expression and personal ritual, Rebecca offers a powerful experience of change and growth for her clients and audiences. Her keynote attendees, clients, and workshop participants learn practical techniques they can immediately begin to implement in their daily lives.


Rebecca offers additional guidance to those who wish to delve deeper in the process of inner healing through individual consultations and programs addressing self-acceptance, loss, body image, and reclaiming a sense of wholeness.

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Rebecca shares practical, easy-to-apply tools that participants can use immediately to cultivate profound inner healing. Each workshop provides a safe space for reflection, acceptance, and transformation. Click here to learn more.


Rebecca offers a powerful experience of empowerment and growth for her audiences. Her keynote attendees learn practical techniques they can immediately begin to implement in their daily lives. Click here for more information.


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Rebecca blogs about self-empowerment, resilience, the emotional healing process, living with cancer, and survivorship.

Articles and interviews

Rebecca inspires others to overcome their own perceived limits. Her audience sits taller and is given permission to heal inwardly, moving past their comfort zones into self acceptance and empowered authenticity. Rebecca exemplifies kindness and empowerment, yet has a humble presence. When she speaks, audiences are re-awakened to a broader perspective of appreciation and hope that inspires healthy and meaningful change.