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Writing and Special Projects




The Breast and the Sea Project

A written and photographic project for and about breast cancer survivors, with photographer, Miana Jun

On breast cancer, loss, resilience, self care, and empowerment



Elephant Journal:

Yield: A Roadmap to the Here and Now—How Ordinary Signs Steer us Toward Mindful Moments


Articles and Guest Blog Posts Related to Breast Cancer

The Underbelly: Parenting Through Breast Cancer and Beyond

Keep A Breast: The Illuminating Moment When I Finally Knew How To Decorate My Breast Cast

Living Beyond Breast Cancer: Reflections on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding After Cancer



A comprehensive app for those with a breast cancer diagnosis or who are at high risk, this app includes articles, resources, and support. Co-created by breast cancer specialists and patient advocates, Breast Advocate® provides evidence-based information and recommendations, personalized for you, exactly when you need it.

“Reasons to Go Flat” article by patient advocate, Rebecca Pine.




About self-empowerment, resilience, the emotional healing process, living with cancer, and survivorship


All too often, we play a seemingly endless loop of negative thoughts. Critical messages aimed at ourselves.

The good news is, even when this negative inner critic is ingrained in our subconscious, we can re-train ourselves to replace these messages with more positive ones.


I'm Taking Charge: Reflections on Going Flat: Whole Without Breasts

Flat & Fabulous: Post-Surgical Reflections

Wildfire Magazine: The Final Resting Place…for Breasts

A personal narrative about preparing for and recovering from my second mastectomy as a parent with a small child and how we found ways to process and heal together during a time of collective loss in our family.

The Breast and the Sea

A written and photographic project for and about breast cancer survivors, with photographer, Miana Jun.

The Breast and the Sea empowers breast cancer survivors, previvors, and patients in the process of emotional healing sharing our journeys through reflective, nature-based workshops. Gatherings involve community support, movement practices, and photographic witnessing; deepening participant connections to themselves and the environment.

I am so grateful for Rebecca and her strength as a survivor to move beyond her own pain and reach out to others, determined to help them become comfortable with their bodies and scars, to find acceptance, to help them become part of a community and to most importantly …to HEAL.