About Transformational Sessions and Programs

Is there something you are longing to transform?  A challenging thought, belief, or pattern that keeps getting in your way?  Do you know what it is that is holding you back?  Is it right there at the surface, glaring at you through every aspect of your life?  Or maybe it shows up as a general feeling of unease or discomfort you can't yet put your finger on but feel like something is "off."     

Rebecca offers additional guidance to those who wish to delve deeper in the process of inner healing through individual consultations and programs addressing self-acceptance, loss, body image, reclaiming a sense of wholeness, and more. 

Some of the tools she draws upon include mindfulness, a strong connection with nature, meaningful ritual, and a variety of creative modalities.  Rebecca's reflective process helps clients to unearth answers to difficult questions and identify personal road blocks.  She offers simple, yet effective ways of tackling obstacles to create space for ease and flow. 

If you are interested in working more closely with Rebecca, click here to schedule a complementary 20 minute strategy session to identify goals, begin a plan of action, and determine whether individual sessions or group programs would be the best fit for you.


Individual Transformational Sessions

Each hour-long session addresses your personal goals.  Rebecca works in partnership with clients to identify and utilize tools of transformation and outline action steps for success.  Expect support, compassion, and empowerment as you stretch, grow, and heal.

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Embracing Our Inner Scars: A 6 Month Journey of Transformation!

Rebecca offers a program that meets weekly, online, for six months.  Two private sessions are included, to identify and target specific personal goals and develop a customized plan of action.


Program Includes:

·     Bimonthly Group Sessions (12)

·     3 Individual Sessions to Create and Support Personalized Ritual for Deep Inner Healing

·     Guided Meditations

·     Support Circle

·     Group Sessions Focused on Embracing Tools for Resilience

·     Creative Expression Projects

·     Reflective Exercises

·     And More!


enrolling for October 2019!

I am so grateful for Rebecca and her strength as a survivor to move beyond her own pain and reach out to others, determined to help them become comfortable with their bodies and scars, to find acceptance, to help them become part of a community and to most importantly …to HEAL.