Rebecca shares practical, easy-to-apply tools that participants can use immediately to cultivate profound inner healing.  Each workshop provides a safe space for reflection, acceptance, and transformation.  "Lunch and Learns" are also available in the Metro NYC area. 

Thank you so much for the most amazing experience!!! Your workshop was absolutely life changing for me!! I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I felt so free and empowered. It was just so incredibly beautiful!!!

Creative Expression for Healing Trauma:

· For artists and non-artists alike

· Learn to tap into the hidden power of creative expression to draw upon the deeper, intuitive nature that cultivates the inner healing process


Courage in the Face of Fear:

· There is no avoiding the storm, but deep roots provide a tree with strength and stability despite the wind

· Discover ways of cultivating your personal "roots"

· Unearth powerful inner tools and learn how to call upon them in times of fear, pain, and difficulty


Healing with Journaling:

· Utilize thought-provoking writing prompts to delve into the depths of personal reflection and self discovery

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Nature and the Quiet Mind:

· Learn how to cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world

· Discover ways of welcoming and accessing this connection in your daily life

· Increase peace, mindfulness, and wellbeing

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Body Image and Self Acceptance:

· Explore ways of welcoming a deeper connection with yourself

· Shatter the inner voice of "not good enough"

· Learn tools of self empowerment as you cultivate your intuitive nature

· Redefine beauty and wholeness in terms that feel positive and nurturing

Rebecca is a beautiful soul doing work that is so important for the cancer community! She displays such grace and honesty in her presentations, bringing hope to women in their darkest hours.
Your workshop touched me in so many ways. It opened up a whole new side of me. It was a way to embrace my imperfections, and to do it lovingly. You’re touching all of our spiritual sides, and we all really need that.
I love Rebecca’s power of acceptance of everything in life. She is a very loving person, spreading true love.

This video showcases an ongoing workshop series Rebecca is offering at Westmed Medical Group in Rye, NY, for breast cancer survivors and patients, incorporating nature and creative expression.